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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Our tool will see the IP address and find out if it’s using the shared hosting platforms. It will also check the links and domains of the other websites, which share the IP address of yours. In case there are some problematic sites, one icon will come up asking you to identify the kind of risk.

Have you seen the icon? This is what they mean -

The icon represents that a website has been marked for having malicious content in it. Sharing of an IP address with that of a website, which has been marked for having malicious content, might affect your website’s Page Rank. It also shows the site was reported for having a virus. Now, even if your website do not carry a virus, by sharing your IP address with the one that does might adversely affect the Page Rank.

Dedicated vs Shared. Hosting & SEO

Some types of sites are knowingly blocked by the search engines, which might lead to accidental blocking of the websites, which share the IP address or server. It is suggested to use a dedicated web hosting service if optimization and high page rank is what you are looking for.

Our tool helps you to identify the sites that are sharing the IP same as your domain, it notifies you of the potential risks, which influences your page rank.